A sell-out crowd at the Park hotel Tynemouth saw a great night of boxing at “Armageddon”

The evening started with five exhibition bouts to warm the crown which were a nice start to the evening.

Wins for Gareth Savage, Rob Gibson and James Mcrory whipped the crowd into a frenzy before the interval.

The first fight after the interval was Eric “The Mad Monk” himself as he faced Manchester Peter Mcjob, the bout was an explosive encounter with a couple of low blows and an attempted head but by Mcjob. This was done out of desperation as Eric put Peter down in the second and he failed to beat the count.

Other wins for Chad Parish, Steve Robinson, James Barnes and Paul Kerry left only the two main Events.

The first saw Ian Toby face Liverpool’s Alex Foreman In close fight the referee could not separate the two and a draw was given.

The best was defiantly left till last as John Muldoon faced Stu Maddox. A fantastic bout followed with great boxing skills on display. This was a brutal show of semi-pro boxing that ended in Muldoon winning on points.

Another great night of semi-pro boxing by Eric “The Mad Monk” and the European Boxing Federation.


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