EBF Champions Turn To The Pro`s


As the European Boxing Federation Grows Bigger and Bigger, the standard of boxing keeps getting better and better.

This has been proved even more so in 2011 as the last 7 EBF Fighter to Turn over to the professional ranks have been all been national champions!

The number one semi-pro boxing organisation in Europe is proud to announce that the following fighters are now professionals and have relinquished their titles.

Zac “The Rippa” EBF British Lightweight champion

Davey Lake EBF English Light-Welterweight champion

Ryan Davies EBF British Light Middleweight Champion

Chris “Ginger” Woody EBF British Middleweight Champion

Tom Scott EBF English and former British EBF Middleweight Champion

Luke Blackledge EBF British Super Middleweight Champion

Gaz Johnson EBF English Heavyweight champion.

Keep posted for the Autum edition of the EBF Rankings Soon.


Well done Lads!!



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